use learn mode

– When a game is over you will have the option to start learn mode.

– Either tap “Learn” or use the learn mode button that has appeared in your video screen.

– This will reset the board for you.

– Swipe right to play through your previous game. If you swipe left you will go 1 move back.

– Exit learn mode when you are done and start a new game or exit from here.

Start video chat

– When you have started a realtime game with someone, you have the option to use videochat. Mind you: This is a choice! By default videochat will be off.

– Tap the Start Video button in your video screen.

– Your camera will turn on, and you will see a waiting message in your opponents videoscreen. Your opponent will have to accept the video call to start the videochat.

– If your opponent accepts and all goes well, you will now be able to see and talk to each other while playing.

– You can always press the stop video button, to pause your videostream to your opponent and to disable your opponents video view. This happens at the same time, so your opponent won’t be able to see or hear you and vica versa.

– When you exit the game, you will automatically disconnect from the videochat.

Earn Golden coins

– When playing (online – vs computer – puzzles) you will earn golden coins.

– Winning online matches gives you 40 coins, losing is 20 coins, winning vs computer is 15 coins and solving a puzzle is 3 coins.

– When you have enough coins you can go into the shop by pressing the cart icon.

– Scroll through the items to spend these coins on new color themes or even new music themes played by yours truly.

– If you buy a new theme be sure to refresh the screen by tapping the refresh button. You will now see your new colors.

Turn-based games

– Invite a user by pressing the enveloppe icon next to the user either in the “online user” screen or your friends screen.

– Choose turn-based game.

– You will be white. You can new plan your first move.

– If you release your piece on it’s new square, you will get a confirmation window to actually send the move. If you choose “no” the piece will snap back to it’s original position and you can rethink your move.

– If you press “yes” the move will be send to your opponent and you will exit the game. Wait for your opponents response.

– At anytime, even if it’s not your turn, you can check the game’s current position by tapping the enveloppe icon in your turn-based game list. (Icon with the sun and moon)

– When your opponent has responded, your turn-based icon will flash and it will say “Your move” next to your opponents name.